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Go Green! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

17 Mar

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Are you wearing your green today?  With the first day of Spring just a few days away, we are thrilled to see so many shades of green all around us!  As much as we loathed winter this year (ugh, Snowpocalypse will forever be ingrained in our memory!), we are welcoming in the warmer temps, softer colors and sunshine with open arms!  Buh-bye, Old Man Winter!   Hello, Springtime!

Green is a color that reminds us to be environmentally responsible, but it is also a color that symbolizes energy and revitalization.  It is a quite refreshing hue.  As the grass begins to turn green, we’re more than happy to add some more green to our wardrobe!  We wanted to share some of our fave green lust-worthy items with you in honor of St. Patrick’s Day!  Enjoy!

We started with the Alexander McQueen skull scarf pictured above in green & purple (AlexanderMcQueen.com, $260) (not sure whether the skull motif can pass as work-appropriate on a day other than Casual Friday, but we just had to include this scarf anyway!  May Mr. McQueen rest in peace.)

The necklace below could add just the right touch of color to an otherwise boring work outift.

Anthology Necklace in Green Howlite, Nordstrom, $45

 We’re always looking for interesting belts and think this one definitely fits the bill.  With a white blouse and navy skirt, it might just be work-appropriate, especially on a casual Friday or a meeting-free day. 

Maru sash, Anthropologie, $38

 The dress below is arguably a bluish-green, but the description used with it calls it green, so we’re going with that!  Love it!  We’d have to check out the measurements to see where this would fall on us.  The slit may make it not so work-appropriate if the hem is not long enough, but it’s still a beauty (although definitely not in our budget, we can still appreciate its beauty). 

Giambattista Valli Silk Dress, MyTheresa.com, $2,245+

For those who love to splurge, we could not stop daydreaming about this to-die-for Lanvin tote (a  splurge with a hefty price tag of $1,575).  And this  lime Ralph Lauren cardigan has been marked down from $740 to $370.

Also, more options in green for the budget conscious…we like these sheath dresses at The Limited ($79.50) and J. Crew (now $180, was $225).

There you have it – more items to be added to our (and perhaps your) neverending wish list!  So go revitalize your wardrobe with some green for Spring, ladies!


Power Totes for Purse Packrats

23 Feb

Prada Pebbled Tote, Saks, $1395

On any given work day, the Corner Office Chic editor’s large Gustto handbag is stuffed with what she has deemed her daily essentials – a work BlackBerry, a personal iPhone, a digital camera, her husband’s iPod (the one that she “borrows” daily because he doesn’t use it), her MAC make-up must-haves, her just-in-case Excedrin Extra Strength, her appointment calendar, a note pad/pen/highlighter, her coupon organizer, mail that needs her immediate attention, stamps, a water bottle, snacks and Hot Wheels cars for her toddler, a few extra Pull-ups and wipes, a sippy cup, an extra gym outfit, a pair of flats…well, you get the point…She, like many professional women who must juggle various roles, is what we call a “purse packrat.”

We professional purse packrats are always on the lookout for the next great work tote.  Our bags must be built sturdy enough to take a lickin’, but also need to be feminine, stylish and versatile. 

Every professional woman needs a good-sized, fashionable work tote (or, in our terms, a “power tote”) in a basic, neutral color like black that goes with everything.  The last thing you want to do is arrive at your office, dressed to impress with the exception of your  clearly overstuffed, ragged tote that screams “I’m the intern.”  You want a power tote that – like you – exudes an air of confidence and experience.  Remember, appearance from head to toe  does matter in the workplace.   Don’t commit the unforgivable fashion sin of wearing the perfect suit and pumps, but finishing off with an unprofessional bag. 

We want to highlight a few chic work totes, including something for everyone – splurge picks and budget-friendly picks.  For the splurgers, we’ve posted above our favorite splurge pick, the Prada pebbled leather tote which also comes in brown.  Splurgers, you should also check out this Marc Jacobs double-pocket tote .  For the more budget-conscious, check out this J. Crew tote in fawn (the salmon that comes up first with the link is a bit much for the office, we’d say)  or this basic black Ann Taylor tote.  If you like nylons (we don’t, but to each his/her own and our goal is to include something for all our readers), try this Tory Burch or Longchamp (we’ve seen a lot of the Longchamp on the Hill here in D.C. – again, not our style, but whatever works for you, so long as it looks professional).

After all this browsing, the editor is trying to convince herself that she doesn’t need to retire the old Gustto for this gorgeous Kate Spade tote in black to freshen up her look for springtime (for some reason, she is obsessed with chain accents of late).  LOL.