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Wish List Wednesday: Fabulous Cardigan Alert

7 Apr

Trina Turk 'Novella' Cardigan, Nordstrom, $228

Cardigan lovers, behold and drool!  This Trina Turk cardigan rocks!  We loooove cardigans and this one is sooooo lust-worthy.  We probably have more cardigans in our wardrobe than we do black dresses and suits combined (which is saying a lot). 

Cardigans are just the best item for layering, especially on days like today when the temps outside are in the 80s, but the air conditioning inside has converted your office to a meat locker.   Too, cardigans help you stretch your wardrobe a bit.  You can throw on a cardigan with that tired, old black dress or skirt that you wear all the time and it makes it look fresh and new.

When we saw the Trina Turk cardigan pictured above, it was immediately added to our wish list!  It is a beautiful spring/summer color (although for the color-avoidant among us, it also comes in ivory with a navy trim).  We admit that the color is a bit daring for a conservative office, but with other conservative pieces, it could work, especially for a Casual Friday.  A navy pair of slacks or skirt would pair nicely with it.

We’ll just add this right next to the other Trina Turk item on our wish list – just can’t seem to justify a bright yellow dress for work, but we are in absolute lust with this Trina Turk ‘Etiquette’ Dress in the color Sunshine, featured by Corporette a few weeks ago.  Our Spring wish list just keeps getting longer and longer <sigh>…


Go Green! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

17 Mar

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Are you wearing your green today?  With the first day of Spring just a few days away, we are thrilled to see so many shades of green all around us!  As much as we loathed winter this year (ugh, Snowpocalypse will forever be ingrained in our memory!), we are welcoming in the warmer temps, softer colors and sunshine with open arms!  Buh-bye, Old Man Winter!   Hello, Springtime!

Green is a color that reminds us to be environmentally responsible, but it is also a color that symbolizes energy and revitalization.  It is a quite refreshing hue.  As the grass begins to turn green, we’re more than happy to add some more green to our wardrobe!  We wanted to share some of our fave green lust-worthy items with you in honor of St. Patrick’s Day!  Enjoy!

We started with the Alexander McQueen skull scarf pictured above in green & purple (, $260) (not sure whether the skull motif can pass as work-appropriate on a day other than Casual Friday, but we just had to include this scarf anyway!  May Mr. McQueen rest in peace.)

The necklace below could add just the right touch of color to an otherwise boring work outift.

Anthology Necklace in Green Howlite, Nordstrom, $45

 We’re always looking for interesting belts and think this one definitely fits the bill.  With a white blouse and navy skirt, it might just be work-appropriate, especially on a casual Friday or a meeting-free day. 

Maru sash, Anthropologie, $38

 The dress below is arguably a bluish-green, but the description used with it calls it green, so we’re going with that!  Love it!  We’d have to check out the measurements to see where this would fall on us.  The slit may make it not so work-appropriate if the hem is not long enough, but it’s still a beauty (although definitely not in our budget, we can still appreciate its beauty). 

Giambattista Valli Silk Dress,, $2,245+

For those who love to splurge, we could not stop daydreaming about this to-die-for Lanvin tote (a  splurge with a hefty price tag of $1,575).  And this  lime Ralph Lauren cardigan has been marked down from $740 to $370.

Also, more options in green for the budget conscious…we like these sheath dresses at The Limited ($79.50) and J. Crew (now $180, was $225).

There you have it – more items to be added to our (and perhaps your) neverending wish list!  So go revitalize your wardrobe with some green for Spring, ladies!

The Hunt for Navy Pumps

24 Feb

Giuseppe Zanotti Navy Peep Toes,, orginally $476, now $333

Is it just us or are fashionable navy pumps hard to find?  It seems that most of the navy pumps we come across are either frumpy or outrageously priced.  Our wardrobes are filled with navy, but it’s often hard to find the right pumps.  We came across the Giuseppe Zanotti beauties pictured above (which are still a bit steeply priced even on sale) and could not resist posting them!  After all, it is Wish List Wednesday.  Oh, and these navy suede Stuart Weitzmans ($227.50 on sale, are adorable too (we’re just loving the way the dark navy suede looks on both the Stuarts and the Giuseppes)… Le sigh…Add these both to our wish list!

Wednesday Wish List – To-Die-For Peep-Toes

24 Feb

Giuseppe Zanotti Multicolor Platform Peep-Toe, $465,

If you’re like us, you have a neverending wish list of items you would reeeeeally looooove to have in your closet if money were no object (oh, and if practicality were no object either).  Some wish list items are more unforgettable than others though.  These oh-so-“mahvelous” Giuseppe Zanotti pumps certainly fit that bill. 

We absolutely cannot get these showstopping platform peep-toe pumps off our minds.  Talk about eye candy!!!  Le sigh…Since the first time we laid eyes on them, we have dreamed about them, salivated about the idea of slipping our tootsies into them, saved them as an image on our computer so we can visit them each day…They are a beauty to behold…But…we could never justify spending $465 on a shoe that we could never wear to the office (the bright colors are way too distracting for a conservative office and that killer heel would probably land us flat on our butts which would impress neither our bosses nor our clients)!  Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to dream!  Right?

If you have come across lust-inducing items that you just can’t seem to get off your minds and want to see them mentioned on our Wednesday Wish List post, please feel free to comment about them below or to send an e-mail about them to us at  We can wish, dream, sigh and salivate together!!!