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Spotlight: Social Secretary Desiree Rogers Resigns

26 Feb

Every now and then, we will put a spotlight on women who have mastered dressing chic for the corner office.  In light of the recent news that White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers will be stepping down from her position at the White House next month to return to the private sector, it is only fitting to give her the spotlight this week.  We will definitely miss seeing photos of her gracing the White House (a/k/a The People’s House) halls with a remarkable, diva-esque sense of style and fashion.  She is, without question, a Master of the Corner Office Chic look.  In fact, Huffington Post readers voted her the best-dressed woman in Washington, DC in 2009.  

Ms. Rogers is an inspiration to the rest of us corner-office-chic-aspiring fashionistas.  Check her out!   Her replacement Juliana Smoot will have big fashion shoes to fill!  We wish her all the best.

Rogers Attending a Metropolitan Museum of Art Tribute Luncheon

Rogers with the First Lady before a DC School Visit

(Images Above, Copyright:  Zimbio) 

Rogers makes looking chic seem so effortless

( Image Copyright:  Huffington Post)

  More pictures of Ms. Rogers can be found in this Washington Post photo gallery.