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Monday Must (or Lust)-Haves: Gorgeous Red Flats

29 Mar

Gabriella Rocha 'Neve', Zappos, were $79.95, now $70.36

We’ve mentioned before that we find it a necessity to wear ballet flats for our morning daycare drop-offs and sprints to the office.  (DC sidewalks are not kind to the stiletto.)   In spite of our acquiescence to comfort, we will not sacrifice our love of style.  Just any old flat will not do!

There is nothing like a brightly colored ballet flat to keep you looking chic, but feeling comfortable.  This is why we love a flat in a gorgeous red.  In our view, it’s a professional woman’s must-have.  Red shoes will give a blah outfit some oomph and can keep you from looking matronly when you do need/want to wear flats!  Thought we’d share a few of the red flats we’ve been eyeing with you.  (We are especially in love with the Gabriella Rochas with the ankle straps pictured above and the DKNYs pictured below.  May just have to squeeze these into our spring shopping budget.)

DKNYC 'Stella' Red Patent Flats, Zappos, were $98, now $77

Repetto BB Distressed Leather Flats, Saks, $250.00

Daniblack Master red patent flats, were $135, now $67.50 (sizes 5.5-7.5)

We’re not generally into Eddie Bauer shoes, but these Eddie Bauer red flats with gold hardware are a cute find (and on clearance too!).   And we couldn’t resist mentioning these cutesy, penny-loafer-inspired Aldo Shoes either.

Next to red, animal print ballet flats are our faves.  We’ll have to do a post on those someday soon!


The Hunt for Navy Pumps

24 Feb

Giuseppe Zanotti Navy Peep Toes,, orginally $476, now $333

Is it just us or are fashionable navy pumps hard to find?  It seems that most of the navy pumps we come across are either frumpy or outrageously priced.  Our wardrobes are filled with navy, but it’s often hard to find the right pumps.  We came across the Giuseppe Zanotti beauties pictured above (which are still a bit steeply priced even on sale) and could not resist posting them!  After all, it is Wish List Wednesday.  Oh, and these navy suede Stuart Weitzmans ($227.50 on sale, are adorable too (we’re just loving the way the dark navy suede looks on both the Stuarts and the Giuseppes)… Le sigh…Add these both to our wish list!

Wednesday Wish List – To-Die-For Peep-Toes

24 Feb

Giuseppe Zanotti Multicolor Platform Peep-Toe, $465,

If you’re like us, you have a neverending wish list of items you would reeeeeally looooove to have in your closet if money were no object (oh, and if practicality were no object either).  Some wish list items are more unforgettable than others though.  These oh-so-“mahvelous” Giuseppe Zanotti pumps certainly fit that bill. 

We absolutely cannot get these showstopping platform peep-toe pumps off our minds.  Talk about eye candy!!!  Le sigh…Since the first time we laid eyes on them, we have dreamed about them, salivated about the idea of slipping our tootsies into them, saved them as an image on our computer so we can visit them each day…They are a beauty to behold…But…we could never justify spending $465 on a shoe that we could never wear to the office (the bright colors are way too distracting for a conservative office and that killer heel would probably land us flat on our butts which would impress neither our bosses nor our clients)!  Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to dream!  Right?

If you have come across lust-inducing items that you just can’t seem to get off your minds and want to see them mentioned on our Wednesday Wish List post, please feel free to comment about them below or to send an e-mail about them to us at  We can wish, dream, sigh and salivate together!!!