Spring Has Officially Sprung!

23 Mar

Stress ball, Shoplet.com, $1.65 each

Spring has sprung and we hope you’re all enjoying it!  We wanted to check in with you to let you know that we’ve not fallen off the face of planet Earth. 

For us, springtime has ushered in quite an intense period at work.  In our experience, the litigious and their counsel come out of some sort of quasi-hibernation as temperatures start to rise.  In light of this crazy-busy period, we haven’t really been on our blogging game for the past couple of weeks.  That being said, we salute all the bloggers out there who are able to effectively juggle stressful work, mommyhood, and consistent, daily blogging!!! 

When we started this blog just weeks ago, we had no idea how challenging an endeavor it would be to consistently post meaningful information on a daily basis given our other obligations.  The first few weeks have definitely been exciting and we look forward to getting back on our blogging game very soon.

In the meantime, we think we may need to pick up something like the stress ball pictured above – it has cheerful, bright colors and its manufacturer claims that playing with its strings will relieve stress.   We’re a little doubtful, but we’re willing to try almost anything cheap, quick, healthy and lawful at this point to get out of our funk.  If you’ve got other stress relief options (rated G and PG only, please) that we may want to consider, please feel free to share!



One Response to “Spring Has Officially Sprung!”

  1. J March 24, 2010 at 6:48 pm #

    I was wondering what happened to my fashionista friend. However, I/we completely understand! Make that money girlee-girl! We will be eagerly, but patiently awaiting the next fashion post.


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